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How much can I expect to invest?

Every client is different and has different needs. At Action Studio your design consultant will help tailor make wall art specifically for your home and needs. Our prices AND sizes start at $225 for a 12x8 inch art mounted ready to frame portrait, while our collections start at $695. Our most popular collections are around $3,500.

Do you have Wall Art collections available?

We have a range of finished wall art collections available including premium wall products, crystal acrylic’s and also beautiful hand bound albums. Your design consultant will help you to choose the artwork collection that’s right for you or tailor make a collection of artwork to fit your requirements. You can see our options on Display on the day of your session or feel free to pop down beforehand for a coffee and studio tour.

Do I have to place my order at the time of the portrait viewing?

Yes, this is the time we are able to advise you on getting the best from your photographs, so all of the decision makers in the family should be present.

Can I see the photographs online to select from?

We do prefer to show you all of our finishes, cropping, collages, canvases and crystal collection, to make your decision making easier during your design consultation.

Can I get a CD of the images?

Action Studio Photography specialises in wall décor and the production of fine photographic prints and canvases. We supply all prints that you purchase in your collection on high Resolution USB. We do not supply a USB with individual prints or canvas orders.

How long do orders take to be delivered?

Usually orders are completed in six to eight weeks

Is it possible to lay by my purchase?

Full payment is generally required on all orders but lay by may be organized by arrangement for larger orders. We have Take Home Lay by available to make your selection even more affordable. Take Home Lay by gives you the luxury of paying off a 33% deposit and then taking your portraits home and paying off the remaining balance in easy interest free instalments as low as $25 per week.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we take Visa & Master credit cards.

Can I order photographs at a later date?

Of course, you may order photographs at a time later than the viewing time but please note we keep the files FOR ONLY 56 DAYS after the photography experience.

Can I get extra credit towards my photographs?

Yes we have a fantastic referral program. Please ask for more details.

Extra Details

Do I have to leave a booking deposit to book my photo session?

Yes. To secure an appointment with us we require a $50 booking deposit. If you need to change your booking time for any reason then we require seven days notice otherwise your booking security deposit will be forfeited..

Can my photographs be sent to me?

Yes they can but we don't recommend it. We can send your portraits via registered post for a $20 - $25 postage and handling fee. All care and diligence is taken to secure your portraits when packaged for posting, however once they leave the studio we are not responsible for your order.

Who owns the copyright of the portraits?

Action Studio retains the copyright of any photographs created by our photographers. We reserve the right to use any photographs taken of the Customer for marketing, advertising, promotions, or other commercial purposes. The purchase of high resolution images on USB by a client includes the ability to re-produce the image but Action Studio owns the copyrights.

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