Preparing for your Photosession

What do I bring to my photosession?

When you call the studio a design consultant will help you decide on what props you will need to bring and will go through clothing ideas that represent who you are. To get the most from your photo experience we do recommend you bring 2-3 different outfits with accessories to match. Bring items of clothing that represent who you are – Are you most comfortable and fabulous in a tee and jeans? Or do you love feeling ever so glamorous in a flowery summer frock?! We want to bring out you, the real you, for everyone to see.

Bring shoes to match the more dressy outfits, as we don’t normally wear shoes for the “fun relaxed family look”

If you’re bringing children, special toys from home are always great props. Observe your little one when they are in their own little world playing in their room. Describe what are they playing with? What strange and wonderful stories and role plays are they creating? How much would it mean to you if we captured that in wall art for you to treasure once they are all grown up and having children of their own?

Can I bring pets?

Yes! We adore having animals and have had everything here from guinea pigs to chickens and snakes! If your pet means the world to you, please bring them along with appropriate snacks, water container and lead.

How Long will the Photography Experience take?

Allow approximately 1.5 hours for the whole experience on the day of your photosession. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your starting time as we have a little bit of paperwork to fill in before the fun starts. Your design consultation after your photosession is usually held the following week. Please allow 1.5 hours for this experience too.

How many people can I bring to my photography session?

As many as you want! We have had 5 generations in our studio which was approx. 30 people. It was such a great afternoon and everyone was made to feel comfortable.

Can you take portraits at the beach?

Yes. We are so blessed to have many top secret outdoor locations and hot spots both in Northside and Southside near our studio. We hold photoshoots once a month at various pop up locations... Our most popular hot spots are at Woody Point Jetty (Northside), Secret Beach (also Northside)with stunning cliffs and trees and we also love Tillack Park for a forest country look (Mansfield- Southside) and The Powerhouse and Newfarm Park and uber trendy Kangaroo Point for variety. To make sure your outdoor photosession looks incredible we do encourage to book our very popular 3:45pm time for lighting reasons.

Hair & Makeup?

Please arrive with a fresh moisturized face and appropriate makeup. We want to showcase WHO YOU ARE - not what you look like so please come prepared to the photoshoot with how you usually look. We do the tiniest touch ups on everyone just for studio lighting purposes. If you would like professional hair and makeup we can arrange this for $50 extra.

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